Custom Report Programming
VISIBILITY.  Putting the microscope on your business to see what's happening - deep down.

What is happening within the functions of my business?  How much profit am I REALLY making on my products?  Why can't I get a report that I can REALLY use?  Why am I stuck with reports that my accounting / manufacturing / ERP/ CRM software has?  Even if the reports are modified, I still don't see what I want.

Who can help me get VISIBILITY into my company?

We can, and we do so every day.  Our staff is a unique blend of IT professionals.  Most IT professionals nowadays are very narrow in their expertise and experience.  That's not necessarily a problem; if you need a web site developed, you would like someone who spends most or all of their time doing web site development.  However, you will rarely find someone who knows the hardware (servers, workstations, networks), and the software (accounting, manufacturing, and distribution software), and who understands how all of this works together, AND can develop custom programs that will help you get VISIBILITY.  The new buzzword for this capability is DEVOPS (expertise in development and operations).  So, that's who we are, we are DEVOPS guys!

We have been involved in providing IT services and customized programming / reporting systems since 1989.  What one of our clients (the company Controller of a $50M company) said about one of our staff whom he was working with, states well who we are; "you understand accounting and our business processes better than any computer guy I have ever dealt with.  You make my job so much easier.  I’m glad we hired you as our consultant."

We also can build you any size program necessary so that your software molds to you business, not vice-versa.

Let us give you the tools necessary so you can enjoy life and reap the rewards of your hard work!