About us

We have been in business since 1989, incorporating in 1995.  The lead person in the company, Mr. Totten, has been in the IT field since 1987 and working with PCs since 1985.

We started out installing networks and selling accounting systems to small business.  That evolved into more and more networks, more sophisticated systems including multi-processor servers running Unix, Windows Server® and Citrix® products. 

We were called on to develop vertical (industry-specific) applications for one of the largest Humane Societies in California (serving 13 cities), and one of the largest infomercial companies in the world.  This introduced to developing large-scale, high-transaction systems processing thousands of transactions a day. 

We are different from many IT companies, especially if your needs are hardware, software, AND custom programming, because we know all three areas very well!  Many companies will know the hardware and software, but not the programming.  Programmers don't have much, or any, experience with the hardware.  With us you won't run into the dreaded finger-pointing situation where vendors say "it's the hardware's fault" or "it's the custom programming that's at fault" and don't take responsibility to address the need.  Whatever the problem is, we take ownership of the issue and we figure it out.

We have been servicing clients with honesty, integrity, fast response times, our breadth of knowledge, and broad product support for many years.  We pride ourselves in putting our customer's needs as the top priority.  Check out our Testimonials page!

William Totten - President
Our company provides IT services and custom programs for a variety of clients including a large humane society, a manufacturer of (very tasty) fresh salsa and dips, a medium-size physician’s office, a distributor of emergency supplies, one of the largest (#2 in the country) suppliers of class rings, diplomas, and related high school and college items. 

We have dealt with many different companies over the years including for-profits and non-profits.  We have two highly skilled employees and when necessary we have a “sister” IT company that we subcontract to (mostly for on-site network or server work).  All programming and support is done in-house. 

As the owner of the business, my experience is a strong combination of IT (servers, work stations, operating systems, networking, printers, protection) and programming (custom reports, systems, accounting and manufacturing software, animal shelter/control systems). 

I was the manager in charge of developing a massive sales, customer service, shipping/tracking, fulfillment system for one of the largest infomercial companies in America.  I have been in upper management (CEO, Fulfillment Operations Manager) for two small businesses, plus managing my own company before and after my CEO and Fullfillment Ops Manager tenures. 

Other technicians
We use trusted third-party providers who are at the top of their fields for extra work or expertise as needed.  We have long-term relationships with talented vendors we trust that we can call on when necessary.  We do whatever it takes to get your needs met.