I have had the honor to work with Bill Totten for approximately 10 years. 

In my role as CFO back in 2005, I was tasked with implementing an ERP system at a very reasonable price for Fresh Food Concepts, a middle market food manufacturer and distributor.  Bill played a key role in helping to make the transition to a new system platform a timely success.  Bill’s roles in mapping information from the old system to the new, training personnel during a critical parallel process, and creating a variety of critical reports was invaluable.

Bill has a sound knowledge for business spanning a variety of industries and key to his success, he is a good listener.  These skills make the user comfortable with the deliverables almost always on the mark.

Today, Bill is a valuable extension of our Company.  Through our partnership with Bill Totten we continue to raise the bar with our computer modules and reporting capabilities.

Dale Jabour
Fresh Food Concepts, Inc.
  • Positive and energetic
  • Enthusiastic attitude
  • Pays close attention to detail
  • Quick responses, handles tight deadlines, and regularly delivers on time
  • Strong work ethic, dedicated, and extremely reliable
  • Goes above and beyond to help troubleshoot matters
  • Independent and surpasses expectations
  • Pleasure to do business with and devoted to customer service

Valerie Robledo
Cost Accounting Manager
Fresh Food Concepts, Inc.
Bill has been tremendously helpful to our organization in meeting customized and somewhat complicated business reporting requirements. 

His knowledge of systems programming and his ability to work with large amounts of data have been instrumental to improving our business processes. 

Bill demonstrates a willingness to meet and exceed his client’s expectations, always responding quickly and assuring that critical timelines are met.  His positive attitude, flexibility, accuracy, and commitment to satisfaction with the finished product make him a valuable asset to any business.

Nancy Clark
National Sales Manager
LogoArt-a div. of Herff Jones, Inc.
For well over 20 years, I have been working with Bill Totten (affectionately known to us as just ‘Totten’) for all our computer needs. I met him through a word-of-mouth recommendation back when he was getting started and have never regretted the decision to exclusively do our entire computer network through him. Totten, quite frankly, has grown with us and has become a big part of us and who we are.  He is our IT guy and our friend which, these days, is a rarity for businesses.

     Our organization is a Southern California based non-profit full-access animal shelter. Totten has designed a customized computer program over the years that encompasses all we do. The program is designed to grow as we grow, adding new pieces to the program as we need them. Through him, we continue to expand as new ideas come into play. Totten and his team discuss the ideas with us about the possibility of making any new concept a usable reality. No idea is too small or too complicated to discuss its prospects. No problem is too big that he can’t find a solution for.

     Totten is extremely helpful, always accessible and has the desire to, quite frankly, make our business look awesome! And it is! His positive attitude, insightful computer knowledge and friendly manner make it easy to connect with.  Even under stressful time lines, he always seems to make it work. He is a true family member to us and will continue to be a part of our family for many years to come.

     I can’t express enough the complete trust and confidence we have in William Totten and Associates. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend this gentleman and his company to anyone looking for an IT team to bring on board.
James Edward
Operations Manager
Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A.
For over 20 years Simpler Life Emergency Provisions has greatly benefitted from Bill's skills and gifts.

We have found him very responsive to our needs.  He counsels with wisdom and offers insightful choices.

We have gotten to know one another personally over the years and his friendship and faithfulness have really strengthened me.

Bob Snedaker
Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc.
Bill has been so helpful to our office for many years!  He set up the computers, laptop and network server in our small office several years ago.  Everything went smoothly in our transition between computer systems.  He has also helped us set up software programs. He is an honest man and we trust his opinion and recommendations completely.  He continues to monitor and help us whenever we have questions, issues or concerns. He keeps us calm in our moments of computer stress.    It is reassuring to know that he can help us get up and running on the computer in a short amount of time.  We don’t know what we would do without him!   

Douglas W. Meyer
Attorney at LAw